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July 29, 2011

It has been quite the busy week around our humble little homestead.

A good friend and her family went on vacation to Wisconsin and she asked if I and another friend would take care of her animals while she was away and naturally, being the friend and animal lover that I am, I said yes. 

So, would you like to go with me? 
It isn't hard, just make sure you wear muck shoes and bring a kerchief with you 'cause it's hot and if you're like me honey - you sweat!

Real women sweat, did you know that?  It's true.

The others, they glisten. 

That's how you can tell the difference between a real woman and a fake.

You didn't know that? *asks with hands on hips*

Well see, aren't you glad you stopped by here today?

So okay, here we go...

We've left town and we're out about seven or so miles... 

we're gonna make a right up ahead onto a gravel road.

Make sure you wind your window up unless you wanna die from dust inhalation. [cough]

Here we are.

Their place is North of where of I live, wide open spaces abound here. 
There's a welcoming cool breeze in the early morning but the sun will melt you in your shorts later in the day. 
Seriously, if you stay out there too long, that's all that will be left of you, is your shorts.

We're about to meet the family so be ready.

As we unlock the back door, five; yes I said "five", dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, and one cat, will come bounding out the door to greet you. 
They're all very sweet so don't worry...

First up... "Trisket". 





...and "Morton".

Now we're gonna head out to the barnyard.

Naturally the horses have names.  The one with the diamond patch on his head is you guessed it,  "Diamond".  The other horse is a champion barrel racer and his name escapes me at the moment...


...*still thinking*...

...*now drumming fingers on tabletop*...

...I can't think of it right now.  It's this menopause thing I'm telling ya, hormones are a very fickle thing.

There's a menagerie of animals here.

One stall down there's a sheep and a goat...

...and out in the pasture there are three miniature cows.

This lil' hen has five babies, aren't they adorable?

Meet "Giblet".

The better half of Giblet is sitting on a nest in the barn...

care to guess her name?

You'll die.*giggle*


Her name is "Gravy".

 I dunno who this lil' fellow is but he is quite vocal and very amorous.

He's pretty certain he's the Brad Pitt to my Angelina Jolie.

I had to let him down easy.

Poor fella'.

 Meet "Oprah".

She's a standard black cochin hen and she used to belong to me.  Yes, I named her.  Why?

Anyway, I decided to go to an all bantam flock and gave away my flock of standard chickens to another friend and this friend took Oprah.

I'm glad she did, she loves Oprah.

I love her too and I miss her.

Is it wrong if I take her back?

I'll just tell her I came here to feed one day and Oprah was gone.
Coyote must've got her...  Or a hawk.


Dang it.

I was just kidding, I wouldn't do that.

Or would I?  Hmmm...


Well, I think our job here is done.  Everyone is fed, watered and entertained.

See you all later! *waving*

Well friends, or friend, that concludes this weeks episode of my life.  Come back tomorrow where I show you my new and improved coleslaw label.  A front label, a back label a-n-d a top label! 

I know! [squeal]

Thanks for coming along!

 "Happy Trails!"