January 29, 2015

Here's what's on the table Mabel...

Everyone meet, "Arthur".

Arthur is an old soul comprised of Schulte German mohair, German glass eyes, cotter pin joints, wool felt paw pads, a perle cotton nose, mouth and claws.  He is stuffed with raw seed cotton and needless to say, lots of love.  All this furry goodness is topped off with a gentleman's antique bow tie.

He is a dear of a bear that makes one find it hard to resist touching, hugging or holding.

Yesterday as we were out on the front porch doing the photo shoot for his listing, I picked him up when I was done and he leaned into me as if to say, "I love you".  It made me smile.

Dear, sweet Arthur will be listed [here] later today.

On another note, while we were outside on the front porch, I was kneeling in front of the old chair that Arthur is pictured on and I happened to look down and I saw this...

 See the tiny paw prints in the brick?
Our front porch is made up of 19th c. handmade bricks and in the 20+ years that we have lived in our lil' old homestead I have never noticed these little paw prints from so long ago.

Such an endearing find and a pleasant surprise too.

Have a lovely day! 

January 19, 2015

Snow?  Wherefore art thou snow?

We have not had any snow as of yet this year.  We did get a bit in November of 2014 but that was it.  No snowy Christmas Eve, no white Christmas, no snow at all to ring in the New Year.  Sad.  Just sad I say.

So instead of photos of soft, cold, billowy snowdrifts. 
Or foot long icicles.
Or softly falling snowflakes that stay on your nose or eyelashes (name that song).

I give you photos of...


This pair of Mallard Ducks graced us with their presence on our pond last year.  A lovely couple they were.  We dubbed them, "Mr. and Mrs. Waddler".  They would come up to our screen porch steps and beg for corn, which we happily obliged.

At one point, Mrs. Waddler had another gentleman caller that expressed quite an interest in her.  Mr. Waddler wasn't gonna have none of that and a fight ensued.  As a matter of fact, several fights ensued and at one point it looked as if Mr. Waddler was gonna have to give up his lady's hand to said gentleman caller but Mr. Waddler persevered.

 Mrs. Waddler even took part in the feather pulling to scare off her suitor.  "My heart beats for Mr. Waddler and no one else!", she quacked.  The attempts to woo the lovely Mrs. Waddler away from her mate were fierce but futile.

Happily, Mr. Waddler won. [smile]

Back to snow and the lack thereof.

I had decided that I wanted to build a snowman and the fact that I had no snow in which to build a snowman was not gonna deter me.  No sir.

And so a snowman I built.

Please meet...

..."Mr. P. Brown".

A dapper fellow, yes?

He is created from a Country Stitches pattern, which can be found here.

I embellished the pattern a bit, because I can never leave well enough alone and because, well, that's just how I roll. [giggle]

All in all, I was pleased with his outcome and so is the owner of the home in which Mr. P. Brown now resides.

Building a snowman even in the absence of snow - it's a good thing. [smile]

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