April 5, 2012


Isn't it sweet?!

I know I shared this bunny garland in its infancy with you weeks ago but I finally completed it last weekend.

Why if I finished this last weekend am I just now showing you this you ask?

Because I live in a bubble that's why. *giggle*

Anyway, when I initially started this pattern I thought that I'd just whip up lots o' these lil' bunnies and have 'em for sale in time for Easter.

Well, lemme say that this pattern introduces one to the wonderful world of sewing with curves.  Lots and lots of curves.  Lots.

Sew slow.  Stop.  Turn.  Sew slow.  Stop.  Turn.  Sew Fast.  Slow down.  Turn slowly.  Turn slowly.  Gnash teeth.  Sew slow.  Stop.  Turn.  Sew slow.  Sew slower yet.  Throw oneself on Sewing Room floor and wail uncontrollably.  Leave room.  Return.  Sew slow.  Stop.  Turn.  You think I'm kidding don'tcha? *giggle*

Sweet Meadows Farm should have a warning label with this pattern.  Seriously.

I have the bald patches to prove the reasoning behind that particular request.

Sadly since I live in a bubble, I didn't get them completed in time to sell for Easter so I guess they'll just have to hang out here 'til they can make their debut next Easter.

Poor bunnies.

Well my friends, that's all I have for today.

Here's hoping you all are having a spectacular week!

Until next time.



  1. I just love the bunnies.Unfortunately I have no patience with sewing.Yep detest it so if it's complicated I would never complete it.I can and do sew on rare occasions but would much rather pay artist like you to pull your hair out and do the teeth gnashing for me..smile..Blessings friend!~Amy

  2. This is so cool, tj! Hope you and yours have a very happy Easter!

  3. Good evening dear TJ~

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!....this precious bunny garland! Especially love how the bunny ears and feet are all different.

    And I applaud you LOUDLY for all the challenging sewing it took to create this, because I can barely sew on a button. And shhhhh.....don't tell anyone this, but I use "Stitch Witchery" to hem my pants - HA!

    As always, I so enjoy stopping by your magical and sweet blog!

    I always feel blessed to be here!

    Have a lovely weekend, dear lady!

    (((( You ))))

    Happy Easter to you!


  4. This is a darn sweet garland. I'm sorry you pulled your hair out, and that is A LOT of curves sewing. I don't know if I'd be able to do that many! But oh, is it awesome.

  5. I would buy that for a baby's room not just for Easter, it's precious
    My granddaughter was on a bunny phase for months and months
    Now it's everything Toy Story

    I came by from Ron's to tell you how much I loved Poot's photo
    She has as many nicknames as my Isadora does

  6. They're not Easter bunnies... they're Spring bunnies. And Spring lasts another two months.
    I think they're sweet.

  7. I love it! Sell the garland. So sweet and great any time of year. I went to the pattern site. I have no time to make any of those things but am so close to buying the bunny and bear patterns. I know what will happen. I'll get them and then they'll sit in my closet for years with all my quilting stuff and not get made. But, they're adorable!


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