April 12, 2012

Oh be still my heart.  We have baby chicks.

Some were born yesterday and some this morning.  She, Goldy the Hen, still has a few eggs under her and I'm not sure if they are still to hatch or not, we shall wait and see.

Late yesterday afternoon I walked into the chicken house and leaned down in front of her nesting box and asked my usual question that I've been asking her twice a day for the past week, "any baby chicks yet?", and suddenly out of Goldy's feathered bosom pops a little baby chick's head as if to say, "here I am!". *giggle*

So when I went to lift Goldy out of her nesting box there were not just one, not two, not three, not four, but f-i-v-e baby chicks underneath her - so exciting!  Right now the total number of chicks stands at seven.

I went out to the chicken house to get a few photos for you but sadly only one turned out well enough to post.  It's a chilly and cloudy evening here and our camera is not a big fan of the heat lamp so this is all I have to share with you for now.

This is two of the little peeps peeking out beneath Goldy the Hen's bum...


Goldy the Hen is very protective of her little brood.

One can't even change the water without her going all psychotic on you.  I told her this evening that she had better simmer down or I see soup in her future.

Whether she understood me or not is to be seen. *giggle*

Well, that's the biggest thing going on around here.  Pretty exciting, eh?

I'll be sharing better photos of the blessed fuzzy cuteness that has graced our homestead again with you here soon.

I thank you for coming by and visiting with me a bit.

Until next time my friends.

"A true friend is someone who knows you're a good egg even if you're a little cracked."



  1. YaY!!! Babies!!! How precious!! Can't wait to see more pics!! ♥

  2. Ah, baby chicks! How fun. I hope Goldy listened to you cause I would be so sad if she found her way into soup!


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