April 18, 2012

As you know we have baby chicks among us here at our ol' homestead.

Baby chicks have that cute factor that makes one believe all is right with the world.  Really.

Baby chicks have supernatural powers that can warm the most cantankerous soul.

Why do you think the Bumble in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer suddenly became lovable?  It was because Yukon Cornelius handed him a baby chick.


And that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. *giggle*

Alrighty, so moving on, I thought I'd share with you more photos of the Mama Hen with her brood and with this little show & tell I thought I'd ask you all a few questions.

I have a few things that have been hounding me here lately and I thought I'd get your take on it, 'kay?

As you may know I refer to our home as our old homestead.  Because, well, it's old.  Old as dirt and crooked as a dog's hind leg.

It began it's humble origins as a barn early in the 19th century.  The original log section was a layover cabin for sheep herders and our kitchen was at one time a stables.  And with a home this old it leads one to wonder about certain occurrences, if you will, that happen every now and then.

These occurrences have been happening for as long as we've lived here in our old homeplace.

These occurrences most times come about in a low shadowy form.

Once in awhile you'll see a long shadowy form up high and it's always in the one corner of the original log section of our home which is our living room.

Other times you see small dark shadows appear briefly and they're always low to the floor in our kitchen.

Nothing bad has ever come of it, or them.  They just happen.  And they're noticeable.

So, my first question for you is, do you believe in ghosts?

I am fortunate to have some of the most talented artisans grace my humble little blog here.  

And I know that some of you even sell your gorgeous wares.

And some of you are like me and like to buy and decorate your homesteads with handmade goodness.

This leads me to my second question for you, do you prefer Ebay or Etsy as your fav' marketplace for buying and selling handmades?

Are you enjoying these photos so far?

In the above photo can you believe there are ten baby chicks nestled inside Mama Hen's plumage?

That's #11 you see there vying for a way in.

Lastly, and really most importantly, I am blessed beyond measure with the lovely peeps that comment here.

Your comments mean the world to me.  There's really no other way to say it.  They do.

I love you.

And I know every blogger out there handles their comments differently.

Some don't respond to their comments at all.

Others respond by replying to the comments right there on their blog.

Some respond to the comments by visiting the comment author's own blog and leave a response there.

While others email the comment author directly and personally.

Which leads me to my third and final question for you, which method do you most prefer a blog owner to respond to your comments?

Above is our lil' Schnoodle, "Salty".

She's our little baby-chick-mama-wanna-be.

If she knew baby chicks come from eggs, she'd sit on 'em.

Now THAT would make for some real interesting blog fodder wouldn't it? *giggle*

Well my friends, that concludes this egg-citing episode of "Chicks Gone Wild". *wink*

Thank you for tagging along with me and here's wishing you all an egg-ceptional rest o' the week!

Until next time.



  1. First of all, I love the photos! There is a part of me that would love chickens and fresh eggs. But, I have too many animals to worry about already.

    1) I do believe in ghosts
    2) Etsy!
    3) I love Disqus. It emails the person the response to your comments. Plus, it has that great threaded comment system. I'm a fan.

  2. Etsy!

    That hen is the very picture of maternal magnificence!

  3. I LOVE all the photos!!! ♥! I really want chickens. But only if there's a chicken nursing home I can send them too when they're too old. You know, where they can hobble around with little shawls and walkers. ;> )
    I can't see myself having to eventually "let the air out of them."
    Okay... When I was a teen I worked at a place that had a ghost, but he was nice. So my answer to your first question is "yes." The answer to your second question would be "It depends." Getting established, eBay is great because a lot of people are on it and you can build a large customer base. BUT their fees are outrageous now. It was different when I started back in early 2002. I don't sell on Etsy. I have an account, but haven't listed anything. I sell my wares on my selling blog and on a group selling site.
    Third question... I try to respond to all my blog comments but it depends on the comment that is left. Some don't need a response.
    :> )

  4. Oh, what a fun post. First of all, let me say that I really am enjoying your pictures and little chicks stories. When I was a little girl we had chickens and baby chicks. I loved, loved, loved collecting the eggs. I would give anything to have access to fresh eggs.
    Ok, now on to the questions at hand!
    I'm not sure about ghost...the jury still out on that. I live in a large urban city and I'm pretty sure that souls take every opportunity to "escape" no matter what. Now, if a soul is leaving your old homestead, I can see how they might want to hang out as long as possible. Especially with a sweet one like you!
    While I love to shop I have never really bought from either place.
    Comments make me happy and I love to read them, and I sometimes comment by e-mails too.
    Thanks for keeping us posted about the chicks....oh, and your little puppy is precious.

  5. Those baby chicks are SO precious!! I want one!


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