March 16, 2012

Here's what's on the table Mabel...

..."I love you thiiiiiiiiis much!"  *smile*

This diminutive, lovable, primitive, mohair hunnum-bunnums is awaiting her final details.

Such as, a tail.

And possibly some sort of Easter greeting, I haven't decided.

She isn't shy and likes to be in the thick of things which is leading me away from her being an Easter Bunny and more of a stay-out-all-the-time-where-she-can-be-seen type of bunny.

And by the way, her name is, "Clarice".

The other evening as I was looking thru my jars of spools of vintage thread, I found myself "oohing & ahhing" over all of the luscious colors.  Before I knew it I had compiled a little collection of my personal fav's off to the side of my work table.

I kid you not when I say that these colors make me drool.

Some are silk thread which make me swoon.

I know, I know, the craziest things crank my tractor.  What can I say.

So as I was taking photos of the furry, fuzzy sweetness that is on my work table right now, I thought I'd share this with you before I put 'em away.


Love ya's,


  1. Good morning TJ~

    *thunderous applause*

    OMG....these creations of yours are ADORABLE!!!!

    That little mouse on the spool of thread is so PRECIOUS!!!!

    And Clarice turned out BRILLIANTLY!

    Your talent amazes me, dear lady! TRULY!

    Well done, TJ. Well done!!!!

    Oh, and I also love that photo of the colorful spools of thread.


    Have a glorious weekend, my friend! And thank you for sharing such sweetness!

    ((((( You )))))


  2. You are indeed very creative. Love the little cuddly and adorable.
    Hope you have a lovely Saturday.


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