March 6, 2012

Forgive me as I have been sick.  Yet again. *sigh*

I'm not quite sure what is causing it but I'm almost certain it is my illness making its ugly presence known.  Yet again.

I'm vertical today and that's always a good sign. *smile*

I did a photo shoot with Miss Petunia the other day and sadly haven't been able to edit her photos so that is on my agenda for today.

She's been upstairs waiting ever so patiently upon my Sewing Table for her online debut.  Every so often I hear a sweet, yet nasally voice say, "Mama?", "Mama, are you there?", followed by an "Oink!"...

I have a very active imagination as you can tell.  If I ever really do "hear" voices coming from a cloth pig then one of ya's are gonna have to take swift action, 'kay? *giggle*shrug*

And as you all know one of my fav' things in Life is when sunlight plays.  

Some time ago I happened upon this as I was climbing the stairs to my Sewing Room and had to take a photo.

I'm sharing it with you.

“These things I warmly wish for you.
Someone to love, some work to do, a bit o' sun, a bit o' cheer,
and a guardian angel always near”
-Irish Blessing



  1. Lovely photo..thanks for sharing.

  2. Good morning dear TJ~

    So sorry to hear you're not feeling well.

    Allow me to share a BIG energy hug with you, okay?

    ((((((((( You ))))))))))))

    "Every so often I hear a sweet, yet nasally voice say, "Mama?", "Mama, are you there?", followed by an "Oink!"..."

    HAHAHAHHAAHHAHA! OMG....I love it! And I have a very active imagination myself, so I really understood that!

    Stunning photo! I love how you captured the highlights and shadows - bellissima! I can actually feel the warmth from that sunlight.

    You take care, dear lady.

    (((((((((( You )))))))))))

    Much X

  3. Oh sweetie feel better! Can't wait for the big debute! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. I LOVE this photo!!! I hope you're on the mend and feeling better. ♥


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