January 10, 2012

We are snowless.  We had a light dusting back in December and that has been it.  

And with the exception of a couple of flakes, that being my husband and I, we got...nothing.

Last year around this time it was a winter wonderland here.  Oh, the beauty.

Don't be hatin', 'cause, well truth be told, I love Winter. *now ducking*giggle*

I love how the season forces one to slow down, cuddle up and live in the moment.

No Garden screaming, "Weed me!", or the Lawn chanting, "Mow!, Mow!, Mow!", or flowers bending their sweet heads my way politely requesting in their lil' British accents, "Excuse me Mum, we need mulch over here, please and thank you."

Nope.  Just silence.

Silence is golden don'tcha kno'. *smile*


Well, anyway, if you're missing snowflakes like I'm missing snowflakes then I've gotta wee cure for you.

There is this wonderful website where you can create your own snowflakes.

Yes my lovelies, you heard me correctly.  You can create your own snowflakes.

Just click on the button below to get started.

Need a Snow Day?

Sweet, yes?



[singing] "When it snows, ain't it thrilling,
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play, the Eskimo way,
Walking in a winter wonderland."


  1. "We are snowless."

    So are we! And it's totally bumming me out, because like you, I LOVE winter! My fear is that we won't get a single flake this year. In fact, last night before I went to bed, I asked God to send some SNOW - Ha! I kid you not.

    LOVED the snowflake website!!! I actually went over and created my own snowflake!

    How FUN!

    Thanks so much for sharing, dear lady. That made me feel much better.

    Have a glorious day!

    (((( TJ ))))


    P.S. stunning photo!

  2. TJ,
    Thankfully, we have no snow but we had flood waters yesterday. Not very pretty and super inconvenient, but we sure needed the rain. We are still below the norm for rainfall but believe me, the trees and the grass and all og Gods creatures certainly enjoyed the drink of water. Snow is so beautiful to look at but I would not know what to do! Being from the south and all.
    The picture that you posted is very inviting and lovely.
    Hope you get your real snow very soon.

  3. I love snow as well- and thank to you i made my own snow flake!


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