January 26, 2012

The other day I was in the kitchen looking out the window and saw approximately thirty Canada Geese standing on the lake road below our home.  I love that.

Anyway, my humble homesteader of a husband, bj, doesn't.

My husband spied the flock of geese and the conversation quickly turned ugly in regards to my husband's desire to "thin out the herd" so to speak.

Which translates to goose hunting.

Seeing the geese brought back a lovely memory of a dear, sweet African Goose I named, "Buddy".

He was a stray obviously from a neighboring farm and he at some point was "adopted" by a small family of Canada Geese.  I longed to make Buddy a part of our little homestead but apparently he had been with this family for some time and to him that was where he belonged.

I watched as Buddy would babysit the goslings as the parents went about their business picking nutritious grasses and weeds around our pond.  The little babies would "plop" down in the grass and preen themselves as Buddy looked on.  He loved his little adopted family.

He assisted in raising two families from that pair of geese in the time that I knew him.

Well, it wasn't long before I was enamored with Buddy.

Anything that loves like that is aces in my book and my heart soon belonged to Buddy.

I would feed him cracked corn from an old metal coffee can that we keep in the feed box on our screened porch and he and his lil' family would make their way up the lake road to eat.  Of course his love of cracked corn was accompanied by a series of extremely loud and excited "honks".

Okay, so it was more like, "HONK!", "HONK!", "HONK!"...*giggle*

He eventually would come up to me and eat from my hand while his little family ate at a safer distance.

Well needless to say, not everyone around me shared in my love of Buddy.

My neighbors strongly disliked the noise and so did my husband.

It wasn't long before one day I heard gunshot down by the lake.  Our neighbor had hired a hunter to come and take care of the ever rising Canada Goose population.

Sadly, Buddy was one of 'em.

He was gone.

So, the conversation the other day brought to surface those memories of sweet Buddy and it also prompted me to look up a photo I had taken of Buddy with his little adopted family on our pond one rainy Spring day.

And I thought I'd share it with you.

I appropriately titled the photo..."Love Wins".

"Everybody needs his memories.  They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door."  
-Saul Bellow

Thank you for being here.



  1. aww such a sweet story but sad story of our dear buddy..me feeling so sad now..
    thinking of dear buddy..
    very lovely picture xxx
    sending you hugs dear xxx

  2. Good afternoon, TJ!

    Once again, you touched me with your words.

    What a beautiful story about Buddy. I really got a 'sense' of him.

    Love your photo and its title....

    "Love Wins"


    Yet, I have to be completely honest and say that it does sadden me about his 'way' of leaving this earth.

    (((( Buddy )))))

    Wishing you a beautiful Thursday, my dear friend!


  3. Wow! I have never heard a canadian goose "talk". It must be awfully loud for someone to hire a hunter to take these creatures lives. That is so sad. I would have cried for Buddy if he had been my friend. It's a sweet story but very sad.
    I love the quote.
    Always enjoy reading your post.
    peace and love,

  4. The geese are so pretty. We have them on our pond and I love seeing the babies in the spring.
    But, I do admit to some murderous thoughts when they insist on hanging out and making their big old mess in the one little spot that we have set out our chairs. With the whole place at their disposal, they love our spot the best! I guess it's just one of the joys of having nature so close! :)

  5. Reading this and watching a ridiculously sad episode of GReys Anatomy right now, makes for uncontrollable nonstop sobbing. Gosh... How much more sad can it get ? ( smiling through tears) I'm sorry for the loss of your feathered friend. I'm sure that was hard to take. Sweet story. xoxo


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