January 22, 2012

Hello my lil' fart blossoms! *waving*

What is going on with you today?

Well, whatever you got goin' on I hope you all are well.

Here at our humble lil' homestead I've kinda dipped my toes into the world of paper mache.  On a very small scale mind you but I thought I'd share it with you 'cause, well, that's how I roll.

She's a bit wonky and I didn't realize until I was photographing her that my printer jumped while printing her banner so it double scripted the type.  I don't know why I didn't see that last night.  Maybe it had to do with "Poot" our little cat, assisting me in the final details.  Somehow between all the, "Poot, no.", "Poot, get down from there.", "Poot, don't eat that."...it got by me. *sigh*

And judging from her beak I think she looks like she just finished a hot dog with loads of mustard.  So a little tweaking in that department duly noted.

And I was going for the look of old Ironstone.  You know, with all the crazing, aging and crackling and I don't feel I've quite reached that goal.  And I think more details are in order as far as possibly feathering.  Oh, and more details with the eyes.

So anyway, enough of my critiquing 'cause this could go on and on...

Here she is:


Wonky. *giggle*

Now it's time to get a little groove on, you think?

This is one of my most all time fav' songs.

Here you go:

[singing] "Ooo!"  "Le-e-e-e-ets stay to-ge-e-ther" [now humming]

Let's do, 'kay? *wink*

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Love the song.
    Love the cute little birdie.
    Love your blog.
    Keep writing and keep creating.
    You are talented.
    That's all.
    Happy Sunday, friend.

  2. Good afternoon dear TJ!

    Your little birdie is ADORABLE!


    You are sooooooooooooo talented, dear lady!

    Paper mache - how COOL! I remember what fun it was to do paper mache when I was a kid. I loved using the paste and paper; wrapping it around the wire.

    Oh, and btw....I ADORE this song! LOVE Al Green. In fact, I have it bookmarked on You Tube with Tina Tuner singing it. She ROCKS it too!

    Hope you're enjoying a faaaaaaabulous Sunday!


  3. P.S. I meant to say Tina TURNER, not Tina TUNER.


  4. very tweet tweet!!! have fun x'plorin!


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