January 27, 2012

Five Things I Am Grateful For Today:

  1. My ability to be patient.
  2. A good orange.
  3. Creating something and it finishes looking almost as I had envisioned it. (post on it coming soon)
  4. Some days I have to rest and these two always accompany me 'causing me to nap with a smile.

5.  Sunshine.

So do tell.  What five things are you grateful for today?

You can either list 'em in the comments or if you like you can post your Gratitude List on your blog and then leave a link in your comment so we can all visit and see too. *smile*

Thank you for sharing.



  1. hello dear, such a lovely post..i love reading it so much..
    i will surely write it on my blog too..i just posted my post now now.. so in my next post i will write about it..watch for it..
    love you..
    sweet picture for this sweet post..
    hugs cucki xx

  2. Good morning TJ~

    LOVED your list of gratitude.

    And can I just tell ya....I so wish I was more patient. Patience is a virtue I continually work on achieving.

    Five things I'm grateful for today....

    *my dentist (he's a genuinely caring man)
    *my boss (she's a doll)
    *my new computer *squealing with happiness*
    *a good apple (I adore apples. Especially Fuji's)
    *Reiki (I don't know how I would exist without having this beautiful energy modality in my life)

    Thank you for sharing these gratitude posts, dear lady. I really enjoy them!

    Have a beautiful weekend.......X

    P.S. lovely photo!

  3. I'm Grateful today for
    1) Smell I've been pouring candles and the smells are so yummy
    2) Friendship
    3) Soft PJ's
    4) Forgiveness although I struggle with this sometimes for others, I know my sins are forgiven
    5) A Joyful Heart
    Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Great post, TJ,
    I really like the way the sun is shinning in the room. What a warm and inviting room.
    You inspired me to list my five over on my blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm grateful for...
    1~ homemade strawberry freezer jam
    2~ an evening of rest... finally! :)
    3~ my future daughter-in-law
    4~ to see a smile on my son's face when he looks at his future wife
    5~ the ability to hear the purring of my contented cats

  6. happy monday dear..
    me again..i posted my gratitude list on my blog today..
    so much fun it is..
    love for you dear friend,
    cucki xx


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