December 4, 2011

“No Mama”, she said quietly.

I looked at her and asked, “What is it dear?”

“My face.  It’s wrong.”

I responded, “your face is beautiful, if I say so myself.  I stitched you beautiful faded red lips, eyes that speak of kindness and a tiny pinched nose, what could I have done better?”

She sighed deeply and replied, “my face is beautiful but it isn’t fitting for a heart and body such as mine.  Look at me, I am aged, worn and torn.  My fingers have been nibbled my mice and my lovely old dress is tattered and stained.  I thank you for giving me such a lovely face, really I do, but this isn’t how I wish to look.”

She added, “I am humble and I want my face to reflect that.”

I had felt beaten down by the creation of this doll.  It seemed everything I wanted for her was met with apprehension and discontent. 

I wanted Angel’s wings.  “Oh please no!” she responded to that thought.

I then wanted a Halo for her head.  “No, I am not an Angel” she said.

I wished for her to hang, say from an interior door or a cupboard door even.  “I wish to sit thank you”, she said.

I asked, “Would you like to hold a dog or a cat or a wreath of Sweet Annie maybe?”

She shook her head and looked me square in the eyes and said, “No Mama, I just wish to be.  Just be.”

It was then that I understood.

I left her alone for the night upstairs on my work table.  I felt as if I had finally got it and now it was up to me to remedy what was tormenting her so.

The next morning I returned and told her of my plan to give her a new face.  The process would not be simple as she is constructed from an old and very fragile cotton quilt backing, it would all have to be reconstructed but the final outcome would be the faintest, sweetest pencil drawn features that would reflect the simplicity that she longed for.  That is her.  With that I got to work.

When all was said and done, she sighed a deep sigh of relief.  She was pleased.

Now she dreams of a place to belong and someone to love her.

Little does she know that the latter of her dream has already come true.

She is available here.

Blessings, tj


  1. Oh, what a TOUCHING post, TJ!

    It actually brought tears to my eyes.

    "She shook her head and looked me square in the eyes and said, “No Mama, I just wish to be. Just be.”

    It was then that I understood."

    What an incredible lesson she taught us.... just be.

    ((((( TJ ))))))

    Thank you for this reminder, dear lady!

    Thank you.

    And yes, she IS beautiful, just as she is.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  2. I love the picture of her feet. Very touching and meaningful post.


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