December 1, 2011

December the first.

The menfolk are sleeping in.

Dirty laundry is being executed.

Our hearts and souls are being warmed by the fire.

Fall decor is making way for Winter greenery.

And this is my ear worm today. *smile*

"While snow the window-panes bedim,
The fire curls up a sunny charm,
Where, creaming o'er the pitcher's rim,
The flowering ale is set to warm;
Mirth, full of joy as summer bees,
Sits there, its pleasures to impart,
And children, 'tween their parent's knees,
Sing scraps of carols o'er by heart."  
-John Clare, "December"


"To those of you who commented and emailed your well wishes and prayers regarding my husband's illness and the loss of our sweet Maggy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Sincerely, I do."

Blessings, tj


  1. Good evening dear TJ~

    Can you believe it's already December 1st????

    Holy cow, before we know it Christmas will be here! I try very hard to enjoy this time prior to the actually day of Christmas, because this is the time to savor it; enjoying each moment!

    Magical post, dear lady!

    TOTALLY put me in the Christmas spirit! Your home looks so lovely - warm, cozy, and inviting.

    And what is it about watching a cat sleep that makes me wanna purrrrrrrr! They always look so comfortable when they nap, don't they?

    Great photos! The lighting and shadows in that last photo are stunning!

    Hope you had an awesome Dec. 1st!

    ((((( TJ ))))))


  2. I just read your last post. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so difficult when a loved one leaves us. With each dog we've had to say goodbye to, there's always a little bit of hurt still left. We scattered our last two dogs' ashes in our pasture. Whenever I walk out there I think of them.
    Here's to good thoughts being sent your way to you and your husband.


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