September 17, 2011

People I love are dying.

Not all at once mind you but there have been quite a few here as of late.

I am not very fond of death you know.  I don't like it.

To me, that is the hardest part I find about myself growing older is that people I love or have known thruout my life are dying.  The older I get the more prevalent death seems.  That's a given.

Three out of the four so far that have passed away were elderly and for some reason it is easier to accept their passing because they have lived.  Maybe they would've lived a while longer but for the most part they got their fair share of life's pie.

One recently wasn't elderly.  Her calling was too soon and it was unjust.  Her diagnosis came and death closely followed and her death wasn't easy either.  I will never understand when good, loving, kind, giving people get dealt a bad hand, put up a fight to live only to lose and then have to fight to die.

When I finally meet my Maker, I'm gonna inquire about that...

On a much lighter note *smile*...

'Tis a brisk day today here at our humble lil' homestead and I am loving it! 

Don't you just love when Autumn makes her impending presence known?  

I noticed the other evening while sitting on the porch that as the wind was blowing thru the trees it was as if it were announcing,
"Autumn is coming!",
"Autumn is coming!"...'s music to my ears.

Speaking of music to my ears, I am leaving you with a lil' Louis Armstrong.

This is happy music I'm telling ya.

And besides, I wouldn't leave ya with all that meat and no potatoes.  No sir.*wink*



  1. It's so ironic that you posted this, because I just left a blog post of a dear friend and she too lost her mother-in-law two days ago.

    I agree with you, death is very hard to deal with.

    "I will never understand when good, loving, kind, giving people get dealt a bad hand, put up a fight to live only to lose and then have to fight to die."

    Yes, why is that? I too find it difficult to understand. It just seems so unfair, doesn't it?


    "When I finally meet my Maker, I'm gonna inquire about that..."

    Me too. My biological mother is a perfect example because she went through that in dying. And she was only 40 years old.

    Sending you a BIG hug, dear lady....

    ((((( TJ )))))

    And yes, on a much lighter note....I too am enjoying the brisk weather we're starting to have here in the north east. I LOVE when Autumn makes her impending presence known. This is the time of the year when I remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy this transition into my favorite season....and ENJOY every second of it. Autumn is coming! Autumn is coming!


    LOVED the video clip you left us. I ADORE Louis Amstrong!

    You take care, my wonderful friend.

    And know that you are LOVED.


  2. I just tried to post a comment and google erased it for me. Thanks, Google:(

    I am so very sorry for all of your losses. You are right, it is one of the things that really stinks about getting older. Losing so many people who are so important to us. I agree with you about how hard it is to watch someone young suffer so much, fight so hard and then finally, have to find a way to die. It just doesn't make sense. There is just no way to reconcile it here. We just have to hope that someday, when we are able to ask the questions, that the answers will make some sense.

    I love you, dear TJ.

  3. Yeah, it's unfortunate that life is unfair. But the way I look at it, life as we know it is just a pit stop on our way to our eventual destination.

    And hey, if I'm wrong and when the lights turn out for us, we'll never know. We simply won't exist and will not care about whatever may come. Star-stuff and all of that.

    So, we'll either move on, or we won't (and won't even care). Why worry?

    I hope? Heh...

  4. I'm visiting from Ron's page, and it's quite interesting that I stumble over here today because it's the anniversary of my mom's passing. She was 69, and had no regrets. I still would have liked her to be around awhile longer though.
    Sorry to hear of your losses. Never easy, but you're right, it is hard to understand why some have to go through so much at a younger age.
    Thanks for the Louis vid, both my parents enjoyed that music. :)


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