July 20, 2011

Untitled by Humble Origins
 "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing,
the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken
-James Dent



  1. TJ, this photos is knockdown dead GORGEOUS!!!!

    OMG...when the image loaded on my screen I literally gasped.

    What AMAZING color and clarity!!!! Love how the yellow POPS against the blue.

    And this totally made me giggle....

    ".... and the lawn mower is broken."

    HA! Brilliant!

    Have a glorious day, dear lady. And thank you for sharng the beauty and humor!


  2. @Ron Oh Ron, believe it or not I took 57 photos yesterday of flowers in the garden and only this and another one came out worthy of keeping. Ugh! And seriously, I don't know how this one turned out like it did because when I downloaded it, it already had that funky blue background and the flower was as clear as a bell! Must be my rad photography skillz...NOT! *giggle* ;o)

    Thanks so much for visiting here!

    X's & stay cool! ':o)

  3. Hello Tammy~Just wanted to pop in and say "hello",(I purchased your game board earlier this month on ebay)and I love it by the way..it's perfect for what I needed! Thankyou!(:
    I also love your blog..it looks like you..from our conversations anyway!(: It's hot in Ohio..hope you are cool in your neck of the woods! Hugs~Kathy

  4. @Sweet William Primitives
    Hello Kathy!*waving* So nice to hear from you and for you to visit here too! :o)

    I'm so glad that you are happy with the gameboard and I am happy that it went to a good home. There are some items I don't give a second thought to when I sell them but some that were fav's of mine, like the gameboard, I do.

    Thank you so much for the compliment and the visit to my blog! I so appreciate it! ;o)

    Stay cool! ':o)

    X's back atcha'! ;o)


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