July 11, 2011

Beyond, where form and shadows meet,
Where horizon and the sky compete,
Behind marshmallow clouds, so sweet,
Someone waits for me.

Above a calm and blue-green sea,
Far deeper than is known to be,
Unfathomable mystery,
Someone waits for me.

Around the moon, a foggy ring,
His face says he knows everything,
In constant comfort, he does bring,
Someone waits for me.

Between the dark and light of dawn,
When twilight sleeps and day does yawn,
Each star, a tiny, diamond pawn,
Someone waits for me.

Inside my soul, it’s crystal clear,
I’ve added up each yesteryear,
Can feel that God is drawing near,
Someone waits for me.


 ...and he waits.



  1. Goooooooood afternoon, TJ!

    Well...can I just say that I ADORED this post!!!!

    I love how you often start with a piece of writing which makes me feel as though I'm one way, and then in your closing....take me somewhere else.


    And might I also add that I ADORE the closing photo? So precious!

    Have a beautiful Monday, dear lady!


  2. @Ron...Thank you dear Ron! :o)

    ...That poor lil' fella' is waiting for clothing but I've been so busy with sickness and the garden that I haven't had time to spend with him. I found the poem and had the photo of him sitting on my sewing table by the window and thought the two went together...

    ...Thank you for stopping by! :o)


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