June 7, 2011


In a past life.


  1. Oh TJ, what an AWESOME photo!!!!!!!

    What a great expression on her face!

    And I LOVE it...."Me, in a past life!!!"

    I so enjoy seeing vintage photographs such as this one, because they always cause me to wonder who these people were and what kind of lives they led.

    Adore the two people in background!


    Thanks so much for sharing, dear lady. Hope you had a beautiful day!


  2. @Ron
    ...Oh dearest Ron - you are the cat's meow! :o) Seriously.

    ...Don't you just love that photo? I do too! Yeah, and I love the two people in the background too. I know it seems like such a simple life but you know it was hard times for them back then. God bless 'em...

    ...Thank you so much for coming by! It's always so exciting to see a comment and yours always light up my days!

    ...Have a wonderful evening!

    ...Blessings to you... :o)


...I love receiving your comments and reading them - they truly brighten my day! Thank you so much for visiting here!

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